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God Kissed My Face

September 23, 2014  •  3 Comments

I have a daily makeup battle. The normal routine is to check the calendar and see what the day looks like. The events on the calendar determines my makeup plans. Makeup allows me to hide and avoid dirty looks, but on busy days it’s pointless. I run around, play, dance, sing if I have to get the shots needed. So typically on shooting days, I’m rocking my scars. 

Well, on day one of Frozen Mini Sessions, I met an amazing princess who sang Let It Go with me, so we were automatically buddies for life. Who knew that this little princess would speak such powerful words. I received a message from her amazing mom about their conversation after the left the session and it brought me to tears. 

"Hi Brittany! I know we don't know each other that well at all... but I had to share something Mikayla said after her session the other day.  When we got into the car, Mikayla was talking about how much fun she had and how beautiful she thought you were. My son whole heartedly agreed and said your spirit shines from the inside out. Mikayla then said, "Mama, do you know how lucky miss Brittany is?" I asked what made her say that and she responded with this: "Oh mama, her smile shines and she has beautiful spots on her face and neck that are very beautiful. Those are places God kissed her and said that she would do great things and help those of us who don't know we're special yet." 

All I could do was cry. God spoke through this princess straight to me. My mother often  wondered why I was involved in this accident, but I knew from a young age that it was to connect with people. I was hard being different as kid. This world is a mean place, but I am able to connect with certain people. I was blessed to connect with Burn Camp. I was not burned, but I understand the scars and the surgeries. I understand the stares and the insecurities. It can be hard, but it’s just part of the journey that makes us stronger.  

In an industry where looks are everything, I know that God allowed everything to happen for a reason. He blessed me to be able to see things and people differently and I thank God for that. 

Just another Snapshot of my Heart 


Karen Hopkins(non-registered)
You are one of the most Godly women I know! Your smile can light up the most dismal room imaginable. There is always a reason for the things that happen in our lives. While we may never understand it, God has a plan for each of us! I love you, girl, and wish nothing but the best for you and your family! KEEP SMILING THAT 1000 WATT SMILE!
Melanie Loden(non-registered)
I awoke this morning to my son, Lane, rolling around in his bed telling me that his head was hurting so bad again. He's 9 now, but back in March when he had his accident he was 8. He's had to do a lot of growing up over these past months, and is unable to attend school. The back of his skull and the side are crushed, and he had torn a major artery in his brain. He had an enormous clot that finally disappeared thank God! His brain is still extreme swollen and he has several other problems persisting due to his injury. I often worry about what his life will be like, and you give me hope. I remember when you had your accident, and it broke my heart. I remember praying so hard for you and your family. I think God had me read this today for a reason....and again it gives me hope. Thank you for sharing your special experience. Lane and I needed to hear it this morning. Thank you:)
Jabrielle Bartley(non-registered)
Awesome post Britt...being there that day I will say that you are truly a trooper. I don't notice you scars when I see you. You spirit and personality outweigh any physical flaw that you may have. I have never heard you speak an ill word nor have I even seen you get frustrated. You are the most patient and caring person I know and that in itself is a gift from noone other than God.

So sis I ask...Scars? What Scars? You are beautiful inside and out! God has His hands on you and that alone makes you His most BEAUTIFUL creation.

Love you Lots!!!
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