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Ladies, as Valentine's Day approaches, it's the perfect time to secure your boudoir session. Enhance your experience by adding a little black book with your favorite photos for just $40.

Embracing my "Just Try It" year, if something doesn't work, I pivot and release it. Your support has been invaluable through the backdrop of "Just Try It," so onto the next challenge.

This time, the goal is to capture five boudoir sessions within a month. Wondering what a boudoir session is? It's an intimate and romantic photoshoot. I firmly believe that every woman should indulge in at least one boudoir session in her lifetime. Some may ask, "Why have a boudoir session if there's no one to share it with?" The simple answer is: you deserve to have gorgeous photos of yourself. Clients often leave the studio with a confidence boost.

My aim is to spotlight what you love about yourself. You can choose outfits that conceal features you're not a fan of or areas currently under construction.

Rest assured, these photos will not be shared unless the client wishes to do so.

The first 5 people to accept the challenge, use promo code: BOUDOIR5 to save 20% on a boudoir session, mini session included.

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Valentine Boudoir Mini Session


As Valentine's Day approaches, ladies, reserve your boudoir session now. I believe every woman should have this experience. We often tend to be critical of our bodies, overlooking their beauty. Let's celebrate the things you love about yourself with a Valentine's Day Boudoir Mini Session.


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Black Santa is coming to town

Santa will be making a special appearance at the studio on Tuesday, December 19. Secure your spot for an exclusive black Santa experience as we celebrate the importance of representation. Join us for this exciting moment!

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Holiday Season 2022

As we have kicked off our Holiday Sessions for this year, I wanted to answer 8 FAQs.

1. We are located at 401 Hamilton Rd Suite 98, Bossier City, LA, on the left side of the Professional Plaza building behind Circle K.
2. We book sessions by appointment only.
We have two Holiday sets this year: Christmas Tree Farm background and Living Room Background. The Living Room background is perfect for dressy outfits, casual, or pajama sets.
4. Our basic package is digital images only. Print packages are available for an additional fee.
5. Our turnaround time is currently five days.
6. We can make and print your Holiday Cards for an additional fee.
7. Allow at least an hour between the end of your professional services and your session to allow for whatever life may throw at you on session day.
8. Try on your outfit before the day of the session to ensure proper fit.

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Family First Family

Figaro Family First Project is inspired by the changes that I have had in my family and friends these last few years. It's hard getting the phone call about using a photo from our session for a funeral, but I'm grateful that we have memories to hold on to forever. We often talk about taking family photos but never get around to it.  We regret the moments we didn't stop to capture these moments. 

I want to allow my clients to gather their families together and book a session at a hugely discounted price.  

This project will run through the end of Febrary 2020. Photos from your family session will be posted online. If this is an issue, book a regular Family Session on our site. 

Let's put family first and capture moments that often pass by too quickly.

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One Decade Down... Tear flow down my face as I write this blog. Ten years. I can't believe it's been a whole decade. Six years in studio and ten years in photography. To look back on it now, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to capture moments that often pass by too quickly.

My favorite moments have been watching kids grow up, watching their personalities develop, meeting families that accept me as part of their family, and loving on new babies. Thank you for trusting me with these moments.

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XOXO Valentine Boudoir Session I'm a sucker for a great boudoir session. So why not do it up for Valentine's day. I have decided to bounce back to pre studio days for one day only, January 18th, and do boudoir sessions in a hotel. This gives the opportunity to use props that we don't have in the studio as well as a different style. I'm so excited, I might have to shoot myself on this day. 

Nervous? Don't be! I have a guide to prepare you for your session. I will guide you through poses. Don't worry about that area of your body that you hate, I will pose you in the most flattering poses possible. 

Boudoir sessions make you walk a little taller and hold your head a little higher. So Queen, book that session for yourself and let him benefit from it as well. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

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New Wedding Collection New Wedding Collections! 

Let us capture the moments that often pass by to quickly.

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Bailee & Bear Party We love celebrating with our tiny tots! Happy 1st Birthday Bailee Rose! 

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What Happens When Your Dreams Don't Come True As I entered into 2017 I knew that this would be the year of a new studio, SUV for the photo booth, and a goal of 40 weddings met. But what do you do when your dreams, that you have prayed and fasted for, don’t come true. You keep standing. The only way I made it through this year was God helping me step by step.  As I reflect back on 2017, I have meet amazing people. God brought revenue in ways that I never imaged. I made amazing connections with churches. I build relationships with people in different industries. I have been blessed to capture two baby boys enter this world and capture the excitement of the families. 

My pray has always been to capture moments for people that always pass by too quickly. This year, I have also had more clients pass away than ever before. Young and old. It hurts like it’s my family. When you walk into the studio you walk into love. We care about getting the photos that you have in your head along with more. 

To the entrepreneur who has a dream, remember this journey isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. It’s days when you won’t make a profit, but you make someones days. To the mother struggling, keep going. Your children are watching you. To the dreamer who feels stuck, don’t give up. Keep working. To the person who feels stuck, identify where you are stuck and change one thing at a time. To the people who is searching for themselves, take your time… it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. 

Thank YOU for your support this year! You supported a dreamer this year and I can’t say thank you enough. Here’s to capturing more moments that often pass by too quickly.  

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The Shapes of Beautiful Project - Brittany This project has been on the vision board for about two years now without a name. Recently I had four boudoir sessions that walked out of the studio feeling like a new person. This made me go back to the drawing board and trying to figure out how to work it so that I could empower the women around me. 

Enters The Shape of Beautiful Project. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Often I hear ladies say that they want to do a boudoir session, BUT after they lose 10 more pounds. Do it. Do it NOW. Do it for yourself.

This session triggered some emotions that I never expected. I see the imperfections, but yet I see somethings that I love about myself. I have learned to love me in this moment. It's easy to not take pictures, or take pictures from a certain angle, but this showed me some things that I want to work on and improve. I cant wait to put in the work to do another session in the future to see the difference. 

When I first saw the photos, I saw every stretch mark and cottage cheese dimple in my legs. Then I saw a photo where I felt confident just the way I was. I fell in love. That is the moment that I want every woman to experience. 

It can be difficult to love something that you want to see in a different light. Love your way through it. 

So ladies, you don't have to do this for him, do it for yourself. I can't wait to put my favorite picture on a canvas for my bedroom. If you would like to participate in this project, pick your outfit out. Sign up under book now. $50 will get you one outfit with 10 digital. All I ask is that you release and approve one photo for this project. All other photos are for your eyes only, unless you want to share.  

(c) (858) 453-2099

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Class of 2007 TEN YEARS... Wow, I feel old. This year brought so many emotions for me. I wasn't as excited about my class reunion at first, because I wasn't at the place I thought I would have been in 10 years. If you would have asked me in high school, I expected to have my husband on my arm and possibly a child or two. After shifting my mindset, I was excited to enjoy my class. I'm not far from Blanchard, but I rarely see anyone I graduated with other than on social media. The reunion game was awesome and so many people showed up. That made my heart happy. 

I'm so proud of our class. To see all of the accomplishments my classmates have made. To see their beautiful families, and to see everyone working for something in life. Class of 2007, keep going. Keep pushing. Don't stop. 

After seeing so many post from older classes, I pray that our class can support each other better. I pray that we don't let political views stop us from loving each other, and that we don't let a simple post ruin friends.  If y'all need me, call me!! 

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Uniquely You Grad Sessions are one of my favorite sessions to shoot and look back on years later. As I enter into my 8th year in business, I love seeing my high school graduates graduate from college or get married. I have been blessed to capture one of my very first clients special moments in life. From college graduation to engagement to wedding to boudoir to baby announcement to maternity to live birth to newborn to first birthday and second birthday. There is nothing more enjoyable than being apart of those special moments in life. I'm grateful to my sweet Countess for allowing me to be apart of all of those moments, and prayerfully more to come. 

Grad Session, more specifically high school graduation sessions, allow you to capture the highlights from your high school days. Remember to bring those special items like class ring, letterman jacket, jerseys or special uniforms. After attending my 10 year high school reunion last weekend, I went back to my senior photos and realized I didn't capture any of those things in my photos. I wish I could do a redo. Make your session yours. Prepare for you session days ahead so that you won't forget anything. We have caps and gowns, if you need one. Just let us know. 
Screenshot Screenshot
As the weather changes, book your Grad Session now with the perfect weather! 


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Now Booking for 2018-2019 Brides of 2018-2019, we are ready to lock your date on our calendar. We have a special running till the end of October. Message us for more details. 

Let us capture the moments that often pass by too quickly! 

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The Shape of Beautiful Project - ReAzalia Meet the beautiful ReAzalia!

She killed her boudoir session for her first anniversary. My favorite thing about a boudoir session is when my ladies walk out the studio feeling totally different about themselves. 

I love this quote from ReAzalia: As women we all have some insecurities about what our bodies look like, however we have to embrace the bodies and the skin that we are in. We are uniquely and wonderfully made. I came into the boudoir session nervous and uneasy and I left the boudoir session on a high. It’s all about confidence and loving yourself, your curves, your flaws, and all.

Book your session today! 

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The Shapes of Beautiful Project Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That is one thing that I want every lady to know and truly believe in her heart. This is the heart of my newest project empowerment. Ladies book your boudoir session to be apart of this project. I simply want you to feel amazing in the skin you are in. You may not be the size that you hoped you would be at this point in your life, but it's okay. Work it GIRL! Do a session now, then do one when you get to your ideal size. 

Book your Session Here



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Operation Glam Check out this beautiful young lady, whose light shined bright when she stepped on the backdrop. Huge shoutout to Operation Glam for making this possible. 



Simply Beautiful 


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Locals Love Us!!! (c) (858) 453-2099 (left to right) Brittany, Kiera, & Tre Thanks to your support, Figaro Photography is an Award Winner in Portrait Studios and Wedding Photographers with Locals Love Us! It has been a long journey, and it feels great to be recognized by our peers in the small business community. We are honored to serve our community.

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Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Dyas!!

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Dyas! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Take 15% your next 30 minute COUPLE or ENGAGEMENT session with the promo code DYAS210. Hurry, this deal is only good until Saturday!

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Hello July!!

July is here! Summer is in full swing! Bring on the barbecues, swim parties, and fireworks!

Being that July is one hottest months of the year, here are a few tips to keep you cool when doing an outdoor session with us:

  • Book your session in the morning or late evening. 
  • Be mindful of what time the sun is supposed to set!
  • Bring water
  • Bring a small towel to dab your face.
  • Wear cool, comfortable clothes.

As the temperatures rise, remember to stay hydrated and out on that sunscreen! We hope you have a safe and fun 4th of July holiday. Lastly, we'd like to thank all of our troops and veterans for your service to our country. God Bless America!



Kiera White

Executive Assistant/ Assistant Photographer

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Calling All Seniors! Screenshot Before I say anything else, CONGRATS!! One more year and you're done!

As I prepare to begin my senior year of college, I can't help but look back. This time four years ago, I had just received my senior class ring, I was starry eyed and excited to see what the next chapter of life held for me. Senior year went by in the blink of an eye, but one memory that sticks out is taking my senior photos. It was that "Ahhh, I've made it!" moment. It was a feeling a freedom and accomplishment. I had ran my race, and I was crossing the finish line. Every time I pass by those photos, I'm reminded of those feelings, and it encourages me to keep pushing on until I walk across that stage again, this time receiving my college degree. 

I get excited for every senior session that we book. Each person that we capture has that same excitement and feeling of accomplishment that I had when I took my senior photos, and Brittany and I are just as proud as their friends and family. We love helping seniors personalize their session so that when they look at their photos they're reminded not only of this one special moment in their lives, but all of the moments throughout high school that "passed by too quickly."

Making the transition from high school to adulthood is one of the greatest times in your life. No matter, what your next step in life is- whether it be college, technical school, or joining the workforce, this is a time you want to remember. Our Senior Rep program is a great way to get the most bang for your buck when taking senior photos. With this program you get a mini session, a two-hour session, personalized referral cards to give to friends and classmates, a senior rep blog post here on our website, digital copies of your favorite photos to share on social media, and your very own photo app! 

Out of all the decisions you will have to make within the coming months, this is a no brainer! Click here to fill out the Senior Rep application now. 

Again, congratulations on this special time in your life! Keep pushing forward and cross that finish line.



Kiera White

Executive Assistant/ Assistant Photographer

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You are Beautiful...NOW! It's empowerment week! Ladies, do this for yourself. Book a boudoir session and KILL IT! It's something about a boudoir session that makes a lady walk out of the studio with her head held high. Remember, you are beautiful now, just as you are! No more excuses. 

So grab your heels, pick out your outfits, and put on your favorite lipstick, it's time for a photo shoot! 

Remember, your session can be as sexy or classy as you want! All we ask is that you bring it! 

Use promo code:IAmEnough to lock in some savings now until July 4.




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Celebrate Another Year with Us Birthdays are special! From the very first one, to all of the milestone years. Let us capture the beginning of a new chapter with photos! 

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Do Your Research Before you book your session, do your research! 

As a photographer, we want to make sure that you LOVE your images. In order to make that happen, you must "stalk" your photographers website or social media. Their personal style will show through. Some photographers are heavy editors while others are light editors. This is important to know when booking. If your photographer is a light editor and you expect them to reshape, airbrush, and swap your body out with a photo you found on Google, you will be disappointed. Also, keep in mind that editing can be expensive due to the level of difficulty and time invested into each image. You can't expect immediate images when editing has to be done.

Check out your photographer, see what their speciality is, and ask questions! 




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Loving Reminder Due to the high volume of late and no shows recently, I wanted to remind my current and future valuable customers, to please respect your time, ours, and others. In providing excellent service for everyone, please remember to be on time for your shoot. And if you're running a few minutes late, please notify us, so we can go from there. We understand things come up, and I would hope you understand, that we have a schedule and other loyal customers, who are also depending on punctuality. Also please do not wait until the 11th hour, for rush prints. We will try to do our best, BUT when you wait until the last second, there's no way, we can guarantee lightening fast, instantaneous results. It's a process. Again, please be considerate of and respect everyone's time involved. We would never want to rush a shoot, or be late for another one. As with any respectable and well ran business or organization, it's critical to the success of everyone involved that we make and keep our schedules. I appreciate your attention and help with this timeliness, and look forward to continuing to serve you.

Brittany Figaro

(Figaro Photography) Figaro Photography Shreveport Studio bossier Thu, 02 Jun 2016 17:38:11 GMT
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Douglas We had the pleasure of capturing the special moments at this awesome couple's wedding. We pray many years of love and happiness. 

(Figaro Photography) Figaro Shreveport Wedding bossier photography Sun, 29 May 2016 04:32:41 GMT
Baking with Love Valentine Mini Sessions I'm soooooo excited about the Valentine Mini Sessions. This Baking Themed Valentine Session is perfect for siblings or friends, or to have personalized Valentine cards for class. 

Made with Love from our Kitchen to yours! We had a fun test shoot with beautiful bows, bowties, and headbands from Pretty Girls Bowtique. Check out the fun time we had this past weekend.



(Figaro Photography) 2016 Bossier Figaro Love Mini Photography Session Shreveport Studio Valentine Mon, 11 Jan 2016 07:00:14 GMT
Another Year Older As we prepare to enter into 2016, we are excited to capture our clients growing just another year older. Remember to tell your family and friends about us, so that they can save on their session, and you can too! 

It's time to make memories!



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I Am Enough: Meet Dyshavia This is one powerful woman of God. Her light is simply beautiful! 


#IAmEnough 💕 Okay, so here it is. This is TRULY who I am. Underneath the side swept bang, this is me. You know the enemy will have you to think you aren't worthy but EVERYDAY that God wakes you up, he is saying you are worth another day of sharing his goodness! I'm a living testimony. I haven't always been living this "holy" lifestyle but I shall boast about my weaknesses because in my weaknesses GOD have been strongER. I acknowledge him for using me in spite of what I THOUGHT made me weak: the heartache, the insecurities, the fast talking, the skinny body frame, the betrayal, the people bondage, the tears BUT all those things made me into the woman that I am today! GLORY TO GOD! I went through all those seasons to be where God intended me to be now! I'm just thankful. I may not be the prettiest, have the longest hair, best shape, the prettiest eyes. But I'm who God created me to be, he makes no mistakes. The way that I look is not only for me but for someone else. The way I praise is not only for me but for someone else. The way I pray is not only for me but for someone else. I will forever praise God for breaking me out my shell and getting me closer and closer to my destiny! My transparency, my testimony is/WILL help someone else. LOVE YOUR IMPERFECTIONS! The ones that really love you will see beyond all that. Stop trying to impress what "society" accepts, when society doesn't even look like what they "accept"! 💕 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (‭Psalms‬ ‭139‬:‭14‬ KJV)

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier figaro photography Sat, 09 May 2015 03:06:58 GMT
I am Enough: Kristal I have met some amazing people shooting this project, but Kristal encouraged me more than I can ever tell! Breast Cancer Survivor and a true fighter! 

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier figaro photography Sat, 09 May 2015 03:05:05 GMT
I Am Enough: Delisha Delightful Delisha 

What is your flaw? Procrastination and insecurity 

What three phrases that have hurt you? 

1. You're too little 

2. You need to gain some weight 

3. You're weird 

Encourage to others: God knows your story perfectly in and out and he will never disappoint you! 

(Figaro Photography) Beautiful Figaro Photography I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport bossier figaro photography Mon, 23 Feb 2015 15:09:19 GMT
I Am Enough: Shontel Specular Shontel

What is your flaw? Low self esteem about my body 

What phrases hurt you? 

1. You are Anorexic/Bulimic

2. Skinny Minnie 

3. You're nothing but skin and bones 

4. Your as flat at this wall  

My low self esteem started when j was young in school. Please would say all kinds of mean things to me that would bring my self esteem down. Like no boy will want to on to "sticks" they want some meat to grab on to. For a long time, I didn't think that I was attractive and I would find someone to love me. I have since grown to love myself, my body, and I know I am a beautiful person inside and out. I've realized that God didn't make everyone the same be sure we all different and special. My confidence and self esteem has increased and I KNOW I AM ENOUGH! :) 


Message to someone else: Love the skin you are in. Let no one or nothing bring you down. Love God and love yourself. 

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier figaro photography Thu, 19 Feb 2015 04:22:07 GMT
I Am Enough: Nasya

As we were getting ready to shoot her mommy, I was told that the kids at school were picking on Nasya. It broke my heart because those are the words that can stick with us forever. By the end of the session, Nasya found one of my chalkboards and was working on her "I Am Enough" chalkboard. It made my heart melt. I pray she will forever remember that she is enough.  

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier figaro photography Wed, 18 Feb 2015 02:54:15 GMT
I Am Enough: Marilyn

Marvelous Marilyn

My flaw: my eyes 

What people use to call me 
Cross eyed 
Cock eyed
Would ask am I looking at them or someone else.  

What would I tell someone? Be yourself regardless and love who you are because before you expect someone to love you, you have to first love yourself. 

My mom a always told me that they talked about Jesus Christ and I wasn't better than him people was gonna talk about me.  But when you are a young child you hearing but not really hearing.  As I became older I realize what she was talking about. I took my power back and started loving myself and those hurtful things people use to say to me only made me stronger. The hateful words and the children crossing their eyes to mock me made me the strong beautiful person you see today.   

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful figaro photography Wed, 18 Feb 2015 02:39:58 GMT
I Am Enough: Sherry

Strong Sherry

What is your flaw? My legs


What are three phrases that have hurt you? 

  1. Bird Legs
  2. Crow Legs
  3. 3. Walking on stick legs.


I Am Enough: Psalms 139.14

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier figaro photography Wed, 18 Feb 2015 02:32:05 GMT
I Am Enough: Jessica

Joyful Jessica

My flaw is my skin. All throughout my body are light spots, which has been identified by a dermatologist as hypopigmentated skin. As a child, I was always self conscious of the marks on my body and I refused to wear shorts or dresses that would reveal my "flaws." It was awful! Even now, I am still apprehensive about wearing clothing that will allow the marks to show, but I have grown to love me.... flaws and all! 


Perfection is non-existent and overrated. I am perfectly flawed... and that's ok!


"Love yourself; Love is the beauty of the soul."

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier figaro photography Wed, 18 Feb 2015 02:30:10 GMT
I Am Enough: Josie Meet Josie

What is your flaw?  Lack of confidence 

What are three phrases that have hurt you?

1. Good job 
2. You're beautiful 
3. Bigger than me 

Encouragement to others: Believe you are what you say you are. 

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier figaro photography Tue, 10 Feb 2015 06:21:16 GMT
I Am Enough: Genevieve Meet Genevieve 


PROVERBS 31:30 NLT “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised”

Three words/phrases that have hurt me:

  1. “At least you’re pretty”-when I would face a letdown, not achieve a goal, or say/do something seemingly stupid, it wasn’t uncommon for me to hear “at least you’re pretty”. Being pretty was supposed to be a consolation prize for lacking substance in another area. But what am I supposed to do when beauty fades? Feeling pretty on the outside and having nothing on the inside…I was a whitewashed tomb.
  2. “You’re just like your mother”- my biological mother is a woman who uses her charm and beauty to get what she thinks she wants at the time with NO regard to how it may affect her family, friends and those around her. If meant breaking spirits, destroying marriages, leaving her children, so be it. Being compared to a woman of that character broke me down. When those words were spoken to me it was always spoke in such disappointment and disgust that I would want to die. I didn’t want to have kids because I was afraid I’d turn out like her. I often wondered if her character was genetic or in some other way unavoidable.  
  3. “I bet she thinks she’s all that because she’s light skinned”- Since the parents who raised me were both Black, I identified more with that side of me. Going to a mostly black high school was an eye opener. I would get accused of swinging my pony tail on purpose when I ran track, so I cut my hair. I “talked white”, so I spent hours listening to rap and hip hop, learning how to rap and cuss in hopes that I would sound more like “my people”.  I would sit out in the sun or in tanning beds for hours in hopes to be brown instead of yellow. Even my ex-mother in law accused me of being bougie and a gold-digger because well “you know how those light skinned women are.”

In a culture where being light skinned is praised and beauty is coveted, I’ve always felt like those were two things that always held me back. Growing up, it was always a struggle trying to fit in and be accepted with both sides of my culture. I never felt Black enough or Filipino enough.  It was a never-ending battle trying to get people to look past my flesh and into my spirit. In school, I work myself to death making good grades in school, working part time jobs, participating in band and other groups, and being all state in sports all the while trying to act like I didn’t care or that I struggled so that I could fit in. I joined the military to prove that I was tough and more than just a pretty face. In my career, I had to always be promoting and achieving in male dominated areas so that I would be taken serious.  In relationships, I would love fast and hard; cooking, cleaning, being a ride or die, giving myself away hoping that I would appeal to more than just a man’s flesh.  Needless to say my efforts were mostly in vain, pun intended.

It has taken me almost 30 years to realize I am enough! God made me in His image. If people chose to only see my flesh, judge me because of my flesh, or hate me because of my flesh it is a problem with them, not me. I don’t have to feed their flesh.

(Figaro Photography) Figaro I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier photography Tue, 10 Feb 2015 06:03:45 GMT
I Am Enough: Bre Beautiful Bre 

What is your flaw? My Scars

What phrases have hurt you? 
1. Ugly
2. Useless
3. Nobody
4. Unloved
5. Burnt
6. Legoless

Encouragement to other: My mom always said, "When people say things about you, you have to turn it around and prove them wrong. Can't never could."

After out session, I received this message from Bre and It made my heart melt! "This photoshoot means a lot to me. Certain people see me for a girl or mom that is burned and in a chair. People always say Bre u need to do this and that. And i often wonder am i enough. Today i learned that I am enough :)" 

(Figaro Photography) I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport beautiful bossier figaro photography Fri, 06 Feb 2015 23:23:30 GMT
I Am Enough: Raquila-D'nai

Radiant Raquila-D'nai

Who and what you see is not the complete story of me. You see long hair, big smiles, along with a shoe and bag game that can be spotted for miles. Here's what you don't know: I've had issues with my "light" skin for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents are black and yes, I grew up in predominantly white schools and neighborhoods so I talk differently too BUT my outside doesn't define me. I'm not a snob or stuck up, I'm me. I play a lot of roles: wife, mother, sister and friend to name a few but they don't detract from my personal goals. The hats I wear, they don't answer the question of who. Who is she inside, what does she believe, what does she dream? Those are the questions that lead you to understand the deeper me the world can't see. I have a raw past as many others do. Yet I've chosen to abandon her and move forward in Christ. This transition is not always so happy nice, but I trust it will be eternally worth all I have to bare. One thing for sure and two for certain  I'm not tough, maybe slightly rough around the edges but know that I AM ENOUGH!

(Figaro Photography) Figaro photography I am enough project Impact 320 beautiful bossier photography shreveport Fri, 06 Feb 2015 23:08:29 GMT
I Am Enough: Deunaka
Determined Deunaka

I've struggle all my life with my weight issues from the age of 8 years till now. My struggle with weight has been compounded by a society that sees the obese as something akin to lepers. We’re viewed as hideous, stupid, ignorant, loathsome and worst of all, worthless. For the first time in years I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a person not just a huge mound of flesh, but a real woman who's beauty is unseen by the actual eyes of society .A flower doesn't worry about the flowers next to it; it just blooms! As women we are always comparing ourselves, sometimes despite our best efforts, and it's hard to remember our own inner and outer beauty when presented with what seems to be a more beautiful, more attractive woman next to us, but alas  she may be thinking the same thing about us.

Everyone has bad days but becoming a permanent Debbie Downer should never be in the cards. If you hate it then change it...if not take some of that time and spend it learning to love yourself even your flaws. Barbie isn't

real and perfect people don't exist... 

I am an obese woman. I love my body but I also value my health. I am not delusional about what i need to do to remain healthy and fit but I ALSO know that i can be a fat girl AND be healthy. That is my goal, that is what I'm work on. But I will not betray my body image based off of society. ((Loving the skin I'm in with my confidence through the roof)). With my thunder thighs, hail damage/cellulite,kangaroo pouch tummy , back roll's and stretch marks that created a masterpiece that God had a vision for..

(Figaro Photography) Enough Figaro Photography Flawed Beauty I am enough project Impact 320 beautiful Tue, 03 Feb 2015 18:06:30 GMT
I Am Enough: Jeralyn

Jolly Jeralyn


When I was in seventh grade, an older boy, who rode my bus, started teasing me about being "fat." Now, all my life, I have been heavy, but, up to that point, no one had said anything mean about it. As with all seventh grade girls, my opinion of myself came from others, so his words went straight to heart. 

For several years after that, I defined myself as "fat girl." I hated my body. In high school, I even went as far as to eat nothing but saltine crackers and drink sprite. This made me so sick that I ended up with an infection in my stomach. But I lost weight. 

Then, I went to college, and I realized that no one there cared about my size. So I ate what I wanted to eat and didn't think a second thought about my weight. 

I met the man I would marry my freshman year of college, and he really didn't care about my weight. He still doesn't. After we got married, I still had my doubts about myself. To this day, I do, but, to this day, he affirms me. He lifts me up, calls me beautiful. 

I've recently decided to lose weight, but not for anyone but me. I want to be healthy. I want to live to see my future children graduate high school, college, have babies, live life. I'm changing myself for myself. I love my life now and I love my body because, after all these years, I've come to the realization that I AM enough

(Figaro Photography) I am enough I am enough project Impact 320 beautiful bossier enough figaro photography flawed beauty photography shreveport weight Tue, 03 Feb 2015 17:52:25 GMT
I Am Enough: Kiera Kindhearted Kiera

What is your flaw? My weight and the shape of my body. 

What are three phrases that have hurt you?

1. You look like a crack head.

2. You're nothing but skin and bones.

3. You're not black because you have no butt. 

When I was younger, I would always get picked on for being too skinny. I was tall and lanky for my age. Kids called me a stick and said I had no butt. The thing that hurt the worst was being asked, "how are you supposed to be black and not have a butt? Black girls always have big butts." So I would always try to get tighter clothes that made me look more curvy.

Then I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease: a chronic stomach condition that makes hit hard to gain weight and very easy to lose. During a really bad flare up I dropped to from 125 lbs to109 lb, dangerous for a 5'5" teenager. It's been four years since that bad flare up and I still haven't gotten back to 125 lbs, but I'm the happiest with myself I've ever been. Though I'm still "skinny," I have more muscle mass and am overall more healthy. I now love my shape and my body. I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. 

"It's funny how people want to be different from everyone else but when they meet someone different they make fun of them"

Encouragement to others:

You aren't defined by any form of stereotype. God made you fearfully and wonderfully. Its a GREAT thing you don't look "normal" for a black, girl, white girl, blue girl, mermaid, whatever because you are unique and at the end of the day all that matters is that you are healthy and happy. You just be the best you you can possible be. 


(Figaro Photography) Beautiful Crohn's Figaro Photography I Am Enough Project Impact 320 Skinny Story Uplift Sat, 31 Jan 2015 23:50:42 GMT
I Am Enough: Brianna

Beautiful Brianna  

What is your flaw? Not knowing my inner strength 

What three phrases have hurt you? 

1. Trust me 

2. I love you 

3. Not good enough 

Encouragement to others: Whether your storm! 

(Figaro Photography) 320 Bossier Figaro I am enough Project Shreveport bossier encouragement impact photography Sat, 31 Jan 2015 07:14:14 GMT
I Am Enough: Jolie

Jazzy Jolie 

What is your flaw? Nothing 

Encouragement to other: No matter what a person tells you, it doesn't really matter. Just believe in what you think is true!


(Jolie brought a smile to my face and hope to my heart. The moment she said she didn't have any flaws just made me so happy. I wish that the world could have childlike views on issues such as these. You are enough no matter what. From the mouth of babes! And I love the words she added to her board! Power, peace, love, and pow. Enough Said! XOXO Brittany) 

(Figaro Photography) Beautiful Figaro Photography I am enough project Impact 320 power smart talented Sat, 31 Jan 2015 06:59:20 GMT
I Am Enough: JoeAnn Joyous JoeAnn

What is your flaw? My stigmatic eye
What three phrases have hurt you? 
1. You look weird.
2. What's wrong with your eye? 
3. Ugly 
Encouragement to others: You are beautiful, just way you are. There is no one like you. It's only one you! 

(Figaro Photography) Beautiful Figaro Photography I am enough project beautiful encourage powerful uplift Sat, 31 Jan 2015 06:51:13 GMT
I Am Enough: Trasheda Tremendous Trasheda 

What is your flaw? My arms and dark circles

My Story: Throughout my life I have struggled with issues with my weight, my arms, and dark circles around my eyes. I can remember people would always say.....your sister is much smaller than you are and as a child that led to me wanting to be her size. This was an issue that often led to a battle when I went to purchase clothes....I often felt that the clothes were ugly or not the ones that I would chose if I was smaller. After years of struggling with this issue I began to learn to love myself regardless of outward imperfection that was pointed out by man. I was created by God for a plan and a purpose so despite any flaw or imperfection I have, am, and always will be perfect in his eyes. I feel that acceptance has to start within....the word is Self-Esteem sums it up. So we have to be come confident within our own selves before we can desire or expect someone else to see us differently! I want any and every female in the world to know that regardless of the things that may have been said or the things that maybe being said always be comfortable with who God made you to be....I refuse to accept or even listen to the negative comments or criticism from others because  nine times out of ten they are uncomfortable or unhappy with themselves. We all need to hold our heads up high, wipe off the attack of the enemy, and know that we are created in his image. I AM ENOUGH....some may call it conceded but I call it CONFIDENT!!

I am truly loving this place I am in didn't come over night, but after true commune with Christ and realizing that he makes no mistakes in the creation of his children I became at piece with myself. I have began a journey to better my health while putting forth the effort to contain my weight for myself and for the blessing that God gave me on July 17, 2012. This health kick and weight loss journey is all an effort to be a healthier person and decrease the health issues that are within my family genetics. I wake up daily and put forth the effort to better my health not for the likes of man but for my two year old daughter Trinity! I live out my life daily and make conscientious choices because of this little life that truly depends on me. She is my gift and blessing from above. I have begun to instill the qualities of an overcomer in her life each and everyday. I let her know daily that she is and always will be my princess. She was created with purpose and it was all a part of God's plan. 


(Figaro Photography) Figaro I I am enough project Impact 320 Shreveport am beautiful bossier enough photography project Sat, 31 Jan 2015 06:18:41 GMT
I Am Enough: Aquaysha Amazing Aquaysha

What is your flaw? I am too skinny and my gap 

What three phrases have hurt you?

1. You would be cute if you didn't have a gap.

2. You can fit two quarters between your gap. 

3. Being called anorexic, bones, toothpick, skeleton, bones.

Encouragement to others: It doesn't matter what people say, people judged Jesus Christ. Love the skin your in. And you should never judge a book by its cover. Everything that glitters ain't gold. 

(Figaro Photography) I am beautiful enough figaro flaws gap photography project skinny Sat, 31 Jan 2015 06:10:28 GMT
Schedule Your I Am Enough Session I woke up with tears in my morning. To see so many mask being removed and willing to be part of this project has me lost for words. 

Everyone has a story, I want to hear yours. 

To make scheduling easier, I set up a session called I Am Enough Project on my calendar that will allow you to see the time slots available and days available. 

If you would like to be apart of the project but remain anonymous, we would love to post your story without pictures, or we can do creative photos to keep your identity private.

If you are using Facebook via computer, click on book now next to the like button on the cover photo. If you are using Facebook via mobile device, click this link,




(Figaro Photography) Bossier Figaro I am enough project Shreveport figaro photography Wed, 28 Jan 2015 14:47:27 GMT
I Am Enough Project Positive self image is something that is very important to me. Being in the industry where looks are everything, I tend to see what people strongly dislike about themselves. We typically put on a mask every day of our lives so that we can portray the image that we want people to see. 

After hearing two different adults call a child ugly, this triggered a project that I knew I had to take on. I want to know at least three words/phrases that were said to you that hurt you, and what is your physical flaw. I said that I wanted to start the project with myself because I wanted to be open and transparent through it all. 

If you have read any of my personal blogs, you already know that my flaw is my scars. That is probably my biggest flaw, but another flaw that I have is my weight. My jr year of college, I decided I wanted to get healthier. My family has so many health issues that I knew that I had to do something different so that I could live a long life. I’m definitely not at my ideal weight, but I am at a great place where I can love myself in the skin that I am in.  It’s always fun to go shopping for new clothes a size smaller. I’m okay being a plus size woman. I just want to be a healthy plus size woman. For about five years, I wore two girdles almost every day. If you have ever worn one girdle, you know that is uncomfortable. I thank God that I was able to work on my weight and accept me for who I am and how I looked. I love my girdle free days now! 

My prayer, as I shot my photos, was to make it without crying. I MADE IT, until I sat down to upload the images to my computer.  Words hurt a lot more than we realize. Once they are said, they can’t be taken back. My prayer is that through this project, you will watch the words that you say on a daily basis. Watch the words that you type online and on comments to post, pictures, and videos. If you don’t have anything positive to say, then don’t say anything. 

The number one word/phrase that hurt me for so long was being called "scarface" and the guy thought it was funny when he said it. I will never forget that day and the pain that came with those words. I already hated my scars and tried to hide them.  The second phrase that hurt me for a while was “You will never get married with scars on your face.” For so long, I said I would never get married because of the way that I looked although that is my dream to one day be a wife and a mother. The third phrase that hurt me was a close friend telling me that I wouldn’t make it in photography industry. I then realized that you can’t tell everyone your dreams. 

Words Hurt. I had to get all of those things out of my head, and realize that I AM ENOUGH! We all have flaws, but we are enough. So to empower and uplift others, my friend Trasheda Toliver and I pulled together to create a company called Impact 320 LLC. We want to impact the world while standing on the scripture Ephesians 3:20 "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” 

Check out our t-shirt line at We want you to know that you are Destined for Greatness and You are Enough. Excellence requires Discomfort, but He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. You are Anointed for the Assignment, just put Faith over Fear. Although We are Flawed Beauty, we are Not Photoshopped, because We are Enough! Imperfection is beauty, and We Walk by Faith not by Sight.  We are More Precious than Rubies, and we will make our dreams come true of being a Future CEO. 

I can’t make this project happen without YOU! I am looking for individuals who are willing to be open and transparent about their flaws and the words that hurt them. I want to capture your flaw, through my eyes. If you would like to be a part of this project, email us at [email protected] so we can set a time to do your quick session. I have no requirements on your outfit for your session. You will receive 10 digital images from your session. 

(Figaro Photography) 320 Beauty Bossier Flawed I am enough Impact Shreveport bossier figaro photography project Wed, 28 Jan 2015 01:18:05 GMT
A Day I Will Never Forget Today, I photographed my first live birth. This is a moment I will never forget. I’m honored to have been a part of this special day for the Wilsons. Countess was the first person I ever photographed when I said I wanted to be photographer. To have someone stick with you is an amazing feeling. I have taken her graduation photos, engagement photos, wedding photos, pregnancy announcement, maternity photos, and now Dawn’s birthday photos. What a joyous moment it was. 

Happy Birthday Dawn Abigail Wilson. I can’t wait to let the modeling begin. 

This experience makes me ready to become a mother, but I’ll keep renting and returning babies for now. :) 

(Figaro Photography) Best Birth Bossier Day Ever Figaro First Live Shreveport Wilsons photographer photography Fri, 23 Jan 2015 05:22:39 GMT
End of the Year Sale Pay now, Book Later. Disc are included in the price. As we approach the New Year, we will be making some changes in our sessions, prices, and studio. We wanted to give you one last sale before prices increased for the New Year.  Session expires August 2015.  Purchase you deal here.

(Figaro Photography) Sat, 27 Dec 2014 21:12:53 GMT
Ugly Hurts

Ugly Hurts
Words Hurt

In the past two weeks, I have seen two difference instances where words hurt. One was an adult telling a child that her smile was ugly. As soon as the words came out of the adult’s mouth they hurt me, but to see the smile on the child’s face go away, made me want to cry. The other came from a mother, and then she wondered why she didn’t want to take pictures after that. 

I know there are so many words that can tear people down, but “ugly” has to be banned from my studio. Whether it’s speaking about one’s self or someone else, we must not use it. This has triggered a new project for me. After the Holidays, I will be looking for woman who are willing to expose a few of the words that have hurt them. I will start this project off with myself. This is something I have been going back and forth with, but I feel that I must do it. 

I ask that you watch your words. Once words are said, you can't take them back. Choose your words wisely. 


(Figaro Photography) change damaging hurt postive speak ugly words Tue, 04 Nov 2014 07:23:40 GMT
God Kissed My Face I have a daily makeup battle. The normal routine is to check the calendar and see what the day looks like. The events on the calendar determines my makeup plans. Makeup allows me to hide and avoid dirty looks, but on busy days it’s pointless. I run around, play, dance, sing if I have to get the shots needed. So typically on shooting days, I’m rocking my scars. 

Well, on day one of Frozen Mini Sessions, I met an amazing princess who sang Let It Go with me, so we were automatically buddies for life. Who knew that this little princess would speak such powerful words. I received a message from her amazing mom about their conversation after the left the session and it brought me to tears. 

"Hi Brittany! I know we don't know each other that well at all... but I had to share something Mikayla said after her session the other day.  When we got into the car, Mikayla was talking about how much fun she had and how beautiful she thought you were. My son whole heartedly agreed and said your spirit shines from the inside out. Mikayla then said, "Mama, do you know how lucky miss Brittany is?" I asked what made her say that and she responded with this: "Oh mama, her smile shines and she has beautiful spots on her face and neck that are very beautiful. Those are places God kissed her and said that she would do great things and help those of us who don't know we're special yet." 

All I could do was cry. God spoke through this princess straight to me. My mother often  wondered why I was involved in this accident, but I knew from a young age that it was to connect with people. I was hard being different as kid. This world is a mean place, but I am able to connect with certain people. I was blessed to connect with Burn Camp. I was not burned, but I understand the scars and the surgeries. I understand the stares and the insecurities. It can be hard, but it’s just part of the journey that makes us stronger.  

In an industry where looks are everything, I know that God allowed everything to happen for a reason. He blessed me to be able to see things and people differently and I thank God for that. 

Just another Snapshot of my Heart 

(Figaro Photography) Brittany Figaro More Photography Princess Scars Wed, 24 Sep 2014 05:07:20 GMT
Ballerina Malia I love my little Diva Malia. I know this little giggling girl that twirls will have so much fun in dance. I love being a part of the little things in life. Watching her grow up has been a true joy. I can't wait until recital time to see her steal the show! 

(Figaro Photography) Ballet Dancing Kids Session Shreveport bossier figaro girl mini photography photoshoot session Sat, 20 Sep 2014 17:00:00 GMT
Breakfast at Brooklyn & Co When I received the email about a breakfast at Tiffany's inspired a photo shoot I was so excited. This was something that I have never done before and I have seen the movie over and over again. So after thinking and brainstorming with mommy, we set the date in this is what it came to life. I simply love it!  Gorgeous! 

(Figaro Photography) & Co Figaro Kids Photography Session Shreveport Tiffany bossier photography Sat, 20 Sep 2014 15:00:00 GMT
Hello 2015 Brides

We are now booking weddings for 2015. We would love to capture this special moment for you. 


For wedding pricing, click here.

(Figaro Photography) I Shreveport Weddings bossier brides do figaro groom photographer photography Fri, 19 Sep 2014 18:58:11 GMT
Brrrrrrrrrr We had so much fun this past weekend at the Candy Shoppe. Now, we are sooooo excited for Frozen Mini Sessions, this coming Saturday. After talking to the girls today, I see that we have some Elsa fans coming to the studio. So we must get ready to sing at the top of our lungs and dance to every song! But before we do, we must make our list and checking it twice. 

Frozen Soundtrack  Check! 
More Snow - Check! 
More Glitter - Check! 
Olaf Stuffed Animal - in the mail! 
Anna and Elsa Costumes - Check! 
Melted Snowmen (Water) - Check! 
Snowflakes - Check! 

I think we are ready! We still have a few spots left for Saturday! Book Today! 

(Figaro Photography) Family Frozen Kids Mini Session Shreveport bossier figaro photography photoshoot Tue, 09 Sep 2014 03:20:12 GMT
Do You Want To Know A Secret? I came across this post on Pinterest, and it made me smile, so I had to share it.